Governing Boards

The Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Board (WDB), dba Advance Central PA, is the governing body of the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation (CPWDC), which serves the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Area. The largest geographically of the twenty-three workforce development areas in the Commonwealth, Advance Central PA encompasses the counties of Centre, Clinton, Columbia, Lycoming, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union.



The Local Elected Official (LEO) Board consists of one County Commissioner from each of our nine counties. The LEO Board serves, along with the Workforce Development Board (WDB), as the oversight body and ensures fiscal accountability of Advance Central PA. The LEO Board have a crucial role in identifying and appointing the most qualified individuals to serve as members of the WDB.

In order to facilitate collaboration, the LEO Board meets quarterly in conjunction with the WDB.

*Local Elected Official Board Member

Centre County

Steve Dershem*
Mark Higgins
Michael Pipe

Clinton County

Angela Harding*
Miles Kessinger
Jeffrey Snyder

Columbia County

David Kovach*
Rich Ridgway
Chris Young

Lycoming County

Scott Metzger
Richard Mirabito*
Tony Mussare

Mifflin County

Kevin Kodish
Robert Postal*
Mark Sunderland

Montour County

Trevor Finn
Dan Hartman
Kenneth Holdren*

Northumberland County

Kymberley Best
Joe Klebon*
Samuel Schiccatano

Snyder County

Adam Ewig
Joe Kantz
Chuck Steininger*

Union County

Preston Boop
Jeff Reber
Stacy Richards*


WDB members represent private sector, organized labor, educational institutions, government agencies, economic development, community organizations and organizations that offer services through PA CareerLink®.

These prominent leaders are appointed by the Local Elected Official (LEO) Board to offer their insight and assist in creating a strong workforce. The strength of the Central Pennsylvania WDB is its ability to transform innovative and creative ideas into workforce solutions that support economic growth.

Top priorities of the Central Pennsylvania WDB:

  • Identifying workforce issues
  • Understanding industry needs and aligning resources
  • Securing resources to address local priorities
  • Advocating for the importance of workforce policy
  • Increasing workplace readiness and foundational skills
  • Promoting life-long learning and skill development
  • Guiding investments in training initiatives
  • Offering PA CareerLink® services that meet the workforce needs of employers
  • Positioning the PA CareerLink®offices as the place job seekers go to find employment