Businesses have more influence and access to resources when they work together. Industry partnerships give forward-thinking business leaders the opportunity to share best practices and innovative solutions to common challenges and to identify collective opportunities for industry growth. Central Pennsylvania’s industry partnerships are business led, meaning businesses set the priorities and actions that will help the industry and the community thrive; however, they don’t have to do it alone. Our partnerships are supported by a network of local partners representing workforce development, education, and economic development to help accomplish the industry partnership’s goals.

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MADE in Central PA

A Next-Generation collaboration of C-Suite leaders working together to increase their competitive edge and success in advanced manufacturing, this partnership is tackling the big issues: workforce and talent pipelines, regulatory barriers, training, economic development, infrastructure, and the pandemic. Industry leaders bring their challenges to the table and their solutions. In short, this group is comprised of people who get things done.

MADE in Central PA leaders set the agenda and spend their time on issues where a collaborative effort is needed or will be most effective and efficient. Meanwhile, the partnership and their ad-hoc committees are fully supported by Advance Central PA and other public partner staff who in turn cooperate to respond to industry needs and help them navigate the numerous program resources available.

The forward-thinking leaders of this partnership are always willing to make room at the table. Contact Advance Central PA at for more information.

Central PA Healthcare Partnership

C-Suite leaders of major hospital systems, small nursing homes, and all of the critical healthcare entities in between combine efforts in this Next Generation partnership to ensure they have the highest quality care, solve problems, and remain solvent. Central PA Healthcare Partnership leaders determine the agenda based on the problems they determine are best solved together. They’re working on tough issues related to talent needs, turnover, safety, broadband infrastructure needs, and response to the pandemic.

While led by industry experts in the field, Advance Central PA and other public partner staff provide full support to the partnership, working together behind the scenes to respond to industry needs and connect them to the numerous program resources available.

The healthcare experts in this partnership welcome others in the industry who wish to collaborate. Contact Advance Central PA at for more information.

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